Join the Student Movement for Inclusion and Justice

Upcoming Events

April 20

Albuquerque, NM

New Mexico Diversity Conference for Youth

Join hundreds of teens and educators from across NM for a powerful day filled with dialogue, education, and community.

Who and What We Fight For

We’re building a grassroots movement of students and educators organizing locally, fighting for social justice, and making schools safe and inclusive for all identities.

Conflict Resolution

We provide young people with strategies to peacefully and effectively address and resolve conflicts with friends, family, peers and others. MORE >>

Disability Justice and Youth

We build understanding, empathy and connections between disabled youth and their peers to envision a world without ableism. MORE >>

Economic Justice

We educate young people on economic inequality, strategies and resources to address these challenges, and their role in creating economic justice for all. MORE >>

Gender Justice and Equity

We support young people leading the way in abolishing gender stereotypes, advancing gender equity, and creating a world free of misogyny. MORE >>

Immigrant and Refugee Youth

We help students engage with immigrant and refugee peers, break down stereotypes, and create welcoming spaces for everyone in our schools and communities. MORE >>

Inclusive Sports and Activities

We support student athletes and activity participants making their teams and groups inclusive and welcoming for everyone’s benefit. MORE >>

Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation

We empower and connect young people to speak and work across religious traditions to build community and advance social justice. MORE >>

LGBTQ+ Youth

We affirm everyone’s right to love whomever they love, and to make schools safe for all identities, especially LGBTQ youth. MORE >>

Mental Wellness and Healthy Relationships

We support teens building healthy relationships and combating suicide, anxiety, stress and other challenges so that young people can focus on achieving in school. MORE >>

Racial Justice and Anti-Racism

We challenge young people to recognize the impact of race and racism on American culture while also envisioning a future without racism. MORE >>

Student Activism

We provide young people with training and tools to build coalitions, call out injustice, and actively work for positive social change. MORE >>

Teaching for Equity and Social Justice

We train educators to play a critical support role for students learning about and addressing inequity and injustice, both in and out of the classroom. MORE >>

Ready to get started?

The YCD Program

Whether you have an existing club or want to start something new, YCD offers guidance and support to help your group advance inclusion and social justice.



Create a new student club or group to fight oppression, or learn skills and strategies to improve your existing group.



Find opportunities for youth-led and youth-focused education, so you have the knowledge and skills to make change.


Take Action

Create a project of your own design to make your school or community more inclusive and just.