Webinars and Virtual Trainings

Learn the skills needed for leadership on inclusion and social justice in your club, group, school, and community.

Upcoming Webinars

We will post upcoming webinars as soon as details become available. It is our goal to host at least one webinar per month during the school year. YCD webinars are free for all to attend. To make sure you are notified of upcoming webinars, make sure to sign up for YCD!

Combatting Attacks on Trans and LGBTQ+ Youth in 2023

Virtual webinar on Tuesday, March 28 @ 6pm MT / 8pm ET

Join YCD and guest speakers to hear about the recent spike in anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in state capitals across the country in 2023 — and more importantly, how to combat or push back against these attacks. It’s time for everyone to stand in solidarity against marginalization and oppression.

Past Webinars

Reparations 101

In this webinar we explore the history of Black Americans in this country and the inequities they have faced, and then turn to discuss reparations — or reparative solutions — being offered to address this history of oppression.

Understanding Youth Homelessness

In this webinar we explore what causes young people to become homeless in the first place, learn about their experiences while unhoused, and also discuss strategies that help young people find housing again.

Native Youth Activists Speak Out

In this video we hear from Mason Estes, Leala Pourier and Lily Joy Winder about their activism work to advance racial, indigenous and environmental justice, as well as a group conversation about what celebrating Indigenous People’s Day is about, how they spent the day, why it’s important, and why it should be much more than one day.

How to Start (and Improve) a Youth Led Inclusion and Justice Club

Whether you are a student or teacher, whether you are just starting a club or group or have an existing one — YCD provides a helpful series of exercises and ideas so your group can organize, find resources, and create an action project to advance inclusion and justice.