A Time to Unite Virtual Festival

Thank you for joining us for a free, virtual, youth-led festival on October 10-11, 2020!

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A Time to Unite: Celebrating Diversity Digitally

October 10-11, 2020
A free, youth-led virtual festival and fundraiser

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The Student Virtual Board of YCD thanks the 1,800+ viewers who joined them for A Time to Unite: Celebrating Diversity Digitally! This virtual festival featured interviews, panels, performances, and more created and curated by students from across the U.S. to address the unique challenges faced by young people in 2020. The students also extend a huge thanks to Boeing for being the presenting sponsor of this unique project!


Below are videos from the various segments livestreamed throughout the Festival weekend! Make sure to subscribe to YCD’s YouTube channel to get notified of new videos in the future like these.

Meet the Student Virtual Board

Hear from members of the Student Virtual Board about what the group does and why they joined. This group created the YCD Virtual Festival that livestreamed over October 10-11, 2020.

How to be a Youth Activist

What does it mean to be an activist, especially if you’re still in high school? In this video, a student from YCD’s Student Virtual Board interviews Tay Anderson, Director of the Denver Public Schools Board, and Amy Brown from BLM5280, to explore this topic and discuss why speaking out against injustice is so important in 2020 and beyond.

Living in the Deaf World

What is like to be deaf? In this video, disability rights activist Mariangela Acosta shares her experiences as a deaf young person, and clears up some misconceptions or misunderstandings around what it is like to be deaf.

Native American Women Leading in Politics

An increasing number of Native women are winning elections to take leadership roles in politics in the U.S., including Deb Haaland (New Mexico) and Sharice Davids (Kansas) who together became the first Native women in the U.S. Congress EVER in its history. Another compelling story is from Rep. Ruth Buffalo, who became the first Native Democratic woman elected to the state legislature of North Dakota in 2018. She unseated the state representative who sponsored a strict voter ID law intended to disenfranchise Native people.

The Epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

What does the phrase “missing and murdered indigenous women” mean? What are the root causes of this problem? What can we all do to help bring this epidemic to an end? This presentation was given by Cheyenne Antonio representing the Campaign to Stop Violence Against Native Women (CSVANW).

Native Hoop Dance Performance

A teen from Sioux Falls, South Dakota performs a Native hoop dance and fancy shall dance.

The Psychology behind Microaggressions

What are microaggressions? What is their impact on people of color, and students of color? How can we focus on healing after suffering from a microaggression? In this video a student interviews psychologist Dr. Mariel Buquè about the psychology of microaggressions.

Cultural Appropriation 101 for Teens

What is “cultural appropriation”? What does it have to do with Halloween? Why is it problematic and how do you know if you’ve done it? Find out more about this topic in this video created by two YCD Student Virtual Board members.

A Life Worth Living: Down Syndrome

In this video, Sophia, a young person with Down Syndrome, shares about her experience living with the condition, and combats stereotypes about what it means to live with Down Syndrome. This video was recorded by the Global Down Syndrome Association.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Low-Income Families and the Homeless

While we live through a pandemic and health emergency, the economic impacts of COVID19 have been huge, especially for low-income families and the homeless. How are people surviving during these trying times? What more can government do to support low-income families? How can we all combat classism?

Teen Mental Health and Wellness during COVID-19

There’s been a lot of talk about the challenges of mental health during the pandemic and among youth. But how many times have you had a chance to hear from youth directly about what they’re thinking and going through? Hear from several teens about the mental health challenges and struggles they are facing, and the reaction and advice from a licensed school psychologist. It is our hope this discussion will provide positive advice and help for teens nationwide.

Meditation for Teens

Walk through a guided meditation to relax, de-stress and recenter. Then, hear a student-led conversation about how to use meditation for mental wellness.

BLM and Intersectionality

What voices and identities are lifted up the most within the BLM movement? What identities are not recognized and respected within the movement? How has awareness of violence toward Black queer and trans lives affected the political environment? How can the Black community be an ally to all identities within BLM?

The School to Prison Pipeline: Student Perspectives

What is the “school to prison pipeline”? How do schools push students of color into the juvenile justice system? What can educators and school administrators do differently to disrupt this injustice?

Colorism: A conversation between students and teachers of color

Why are darker skinned girls THREE TIMES more likely to be suspended from school? Why do darker skinned actors struggle to find work compared to lighter skinned actors, as recently discussed by Viola Davis, Lupita Nyong’o and Thandie Newton? The answer is colorism. Colorism is prejudice against people based on the shade or tone of their skin color, and is also sometimes referred to as shadeism.

Building Inclusive Teen Athletics and Activities

How do we create teen sports and athletics that are inclusive of all identities? What role do sports and athletics have in helping communities rebuild after disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic?

Do we need feminism in 2020?

Is feminism relevant or needed in today’s world? What does it mean to be a feminist in 2020? What challenges or issues is feminism still working to address and solve? Hear from two leaders of the Womxn’s March Denver about their perspectives on feminism in 2020.

What does it mean to have a non-binary gender identity?

Diversity around gender identity continues to grow, and the term “non-binary” has become more and more well-known as an alternative to strictly male or female gender identities. In this video a teen who identifies as non-binary is interviewed about their experiences coming to realize they are non-binary, what it means to them, and what some common misunderstandings or misconceptions are around the identity.

Coming Out as LGBTQ+

What challenges do teens and young people face today when coming out as part of the LGBTQ+ community? What does the coming out experience look like for people from different backgrounds? How does coming out as trans or bisexual differ from coming out as gay or lesbian? How can we be better allies to LGBTQ+ youth and those who have not yet come out?

Understanding Islam

What are some major misconceptions of Islam and Muslims? Hear an interview between a high school student and the leader of the Colorado Muslim Speakers Bureau for some basic information about the religion.

Understanding Judaism

What are some major misconceptions of Jews and Judaism? Hear an interview between a high school student and a member of the Jewish faith.

What does interfaith cooperation look like?

How can people from different religious and faith traditions work across divides on issues relating to social justice?

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